Update d. 13.1.2009

Swedish Red

Peterslund Tomteby

Facts & Figures:

Number of Milk recorded cows


Percentage of all cows


Average size of herds

58.2 cows all herds

No. of herds

3,800 (pure breed and mixed herds with SRB)

No of 1. inseminations


Percent inseminated animals


Percent with test bull inseminations


No of tested bulls pr year


Size of daughter groups


Breeding value estimation model

Animal model-test day

Breed Average fore production 2007/2008

Kg milk 8,730, fat 375 kg - 4,3%, prot 304 kg – 3.49%

Highest producing cow 2007/2008:

Kg milk 16,217, fat 729 kg – 4.50%, prot 595 kg – 3.60%

Sire 84704: Ekeslunda BR Bengtsson AB , Grimslöv

Highest producing herd 2007/2008:

Kg milk 12,099, fat 500 kg – 4.13%, prot 418 kg – 3.46%

Botans Lantbruk Vikarbyn


Breeding Programme:

·         The breeding goal is a healthy and productive dairy cow with good longevity and functional conformation. The breeding goal is expressed in NTM (Nordic Total Merit). The NTM consist of all traits with economic value: Milk production, Daughter fertility, Calving Ease, Birth index, mastitis resistance, Other Diseases, conformation, milkability, temperament and longevity. Additional information since 2008 breeding value for claw health

·         Screening the population for high index females and bull calves

·         Bull sire suggestions to all high index is made by the breeding management

·         The classifier makes a linear assessment of all first lactation cows with a NTM above 20

·         Bull sires used in the programme from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark

·         Genomic selection will be introduced spring 2009





Swedish Red Association

President Mats Eriksson, Svista , Uppsala

Secretary – Breed manager Lina Ragnarsson

Örnsro, Box 64, S-532 21 Skara, Sweden

Phone +46 511 267 98

E mail lina.ragnarsson@srb-foreningen.se